Aaaaand it’s over!

Aaaaand it’s over!

Dear reader, long time already passed. My posts ended when the censorship was increased in China: the access via Facebook, to Gmail and all the Google Services was severly blocked and they even shut down Flickr. So it was really exhausting for me to give you the reports. Now I’m already back home since 1.5 Months and still are sorting the pictures. Altogether there are over 9000 pictures on my hard drive, so that will be still some time to finish this task. I will try to write down some of my stories in the christmas holidays, so that you still get som idea of what I experienced in China. This blog will be about different topics, but there I have to get some ideas first, which topic to write about. I will post some pictures on my Flickr site, so feel free to drop by and give some comments… 🙂

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